About Izuru Mizutani

Contemporary Artist, Multimedia Artist,

Izuru Mizutani is a Contemporary Artist/ Multimedia Artist. He was born in Nagoya Aichi Japan in 1961.
Isao Mizutani his father was a famous painter. He has so many Artist friends like
Kazuo Ohno(Butoh danser) Tatsumi Hijikata(Butoh danser) Juro Kara( Auther of play) Akaji Maro(Butoh danser and actor) and Actor Actress Musecian Filmmaker Historian Novelist.
Therefor Izuru was inspired from so many kind of artist.

He started his career as a painter. But he use so many kind of materials
like a water, light, video, and computer for his work. He sometimes combine 2 dimentional and 3 dimentional work.

When he was young He worked on the TV company as a director. He traveled many countries to make TV program.
He is interested in not only the social mater but also the mind of human.

He has learned the psychology. And he make Participatory interactive video installation which used the theory of the psychology.

He exhibit his works all over the world for example New York, St. Petersburg,Helsinki,Miami, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Barcelona, Basel,
and Locarno Swiss etc.

He was teaching the art in the Nagoya University of Art, Nagoya Zokei University.
He is the Art Adviser of the Nagoya City Culture Promotion Agency.
He estabulished the Art & Mind Center .


◯2004  National Museum of Korea /Seoul.
“Declarations 100Artist for Peace”
[Exhibit Artis] Gerhard Richter,Anselm Kiefer,Lee Ufan, Jim Dine, Pierre Soulages, Paik Nam june, Sigmar Polke, Antoni Tapies etc.

◯2010 Rosian Museum /St.Petersburg
“Sky in the Art”
[Exhibit Artist] Marc Chagall,Kazimir Malevich,Wassily Kandinsky ect.

【Other Activities】

◯2017 Astana World Expo Live painting performance /Itarian Pavilion /Lithianian Pavilion 
“Life is a beautiful energy”

【Permanent Collection】
World Expo Museum Shanghai.

◯2009 The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki/Mito
[Exhibit Artist] Odilon Redon, Alberto Giacometti, Isamu Wakabayashi,
Tatsuo Kawaguchi, Tomoharu Murakami, Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert etc.

◯2016  Design for the”Ping Pong Diplomacy Monument” for Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium.


Grant & Prize
○”The 23th Art Criation Prize”  Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency,Japan
○”The 14th Annual VSC Asian Artists Fellowships “Alternate   Freeman Foundation,U.S.A
○”The 15th Annual VSC Asian Artists Fellowships” Alternate  Freeman Foundation,U.S.A


(AMCアート&マインドセンター主宰、名古屋市文化振興事業団 文化芸術活動アドバイザー元名古屋芸術大学 非常勤講師、元名古屋造形大学非常勤講師)

1961年愛知県名古屋市生まれ。父は画家 水谷勇夫




2016年 AMC アート&マインドセンターを設立。海外作家の招聘や、心理学、脳科学を応用したアートを通した創造性教育の開発普及にも取り組んでいる。

◯2004年 韓国国立現代美術館「Declarations 100Artist for Peace」展(ソウル)
◯2010年 国立ロシア美術館「Sky in the Art」(サンクトペテルブルグ)
◯2009年 茨城県立近代美術館「目を閉じて-見ることの現在」

◯2017年 アスタナ万博 イタリア館、リトアニア館でライブペインティング

◯2016年 愛知県体育館 日中米友好ピンポン外交記念モニュメントのデザインを担当。


第23回 芸術創造賞受賞 (名古屋市文化振興事業団)
第15回バーモントスタジオセンター、アジアンアーティストフェローシップ Alternate(フリーマン財団、U.S.A)
第14回バーモントスタジオセンター、アジアンアーティストフェローシップ Alternate(フリーマン財団、U.S.A)