contemporary artist, video artist, Art Adviser of the Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency

1961 Born in Nagoya Aichi Japan

Recent work

2017 Solo Exhibition “Where the world is created” (Il Rivellino LDV Gallery/Locarno, Swiss) 
2012 Solo Exhibition “Reflection”,(Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery,Osaka,Japan)             2012 Solo Exhibition “Collapse”,(Galleria Finarte,Nagoya,Japan)
2009 Solo Exhibition “Tears of the sky 2009”,(Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery/Osaka、Japan)
2008 Solo Exhibition “Lost words”,(Galleria Finarte,Nagoya,Japan)
2007 Solo Exhibition,”Magic of communications” ( A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications /St.Petersburg,Russia/ Supported GalleryG77)            2006 Solo Exhibition, (Vermont Studio Center  Red Mill Gallery/ Varmont,USA)

2019 “1suee exhibition”  (Oriel y Bont Gallery in the Universty of South Wales/South Wales,     England)
2019 “Under the Perfect Canopy & Return to the Roots”Exhibition (AMC Art & Mind Center ,    Kawadrada House)Naogya,Japan
2017 Live painting performance in Italian Pavilion and Lithuanian Pavilion in Astana World Expo    /Astana, Kazakhstan
2016 “Context New York (New York/ USA) Gallery G77  
2016 ”Scope Art Show”   (New York,Swiss) Gallery G77
2015 ”Scope Art Show”   (Miami,Swiss) Gallery G77
2014 Stephan Spicher × Izuru Mizutani Two men show “Refrection of blossom (Design Gallery in    Nagoya International Center/Nagoya Japan)

2014 ”Hazing Kyoto Invitational Group Exhibition ” ( Star Gallery, Beijing,China ) 
2013 ”Foreign Affairs Five Artists from Japan ” ( Hampden Gallery of University of Massachusetts,     Amherst,U.S.A )
2013 ”Art Southampton” ( NewYork/U.S.A) Gallery G77
2013 ”Scope Art Show”   (Basel,Swiss) Gallery G77
2013 ”Scope Art Show  ( NewYork,U.S.A) Gallery G77
2013 ”LA ART SHOW”   ( Los Angels,U.S.A ) Gallery G77
2012 ”Art Asia Miami” SCOPE ART SHOW presents ( Miami,U.S.A ) Gallery G77
2012 ”Selection Art Fai Basel”  Special Project (Basel/Swiss)  ( cooporation GallreyG77)
2012 ”Swab Art Fair Barcelona ”  (Barcelona/Spain) Gallery G77
2011 ”Gates and Doors”Exhibition  (The Russian Museum/St.Petersburg,Russia/Supported by     Gallery G77)
2011 ”ART STAGE SINGAPORE” (Singapore) Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery
2010 ”Eternity” (Galerie Karin Shutter/Basel,Swiss)
2010 ”Eternity” (Galerie Karin Shutter/Basel,Swiss)
2010 ”On the Planet Exhibition in Vermont” (SPA Art Center/Barre,Flynndog/Burlington)
2010 ”SKY in the ART” Exhibition (The Russian Museum/St.Petersburg,Russia/Supported by     Gallery G77)
2010 ”Art Karlsruhe- Contemporary Art Fair”  (Messe Karlsruhe/Germany)Gallery Pack of Patches
2010 ”Fun de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2010    On the Planet-We will live on this planet” (Nagoya     citizens Gallery, sponsored by Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency)
2009 ”Art Asia Miami” SCOPE ART SHOW presents ( Miami,U.S.A)Gallery G77
2009 Exhibition”logbuch 2009″ (Jena,Germany)Gallery pack of patches
2009 ”Forest of the Art, Aichi ” (Tyuo Hirokoji Bilding/Nagoya,Japan)
2009 ”Close your eyes …and visualize what you see”  ( The Museum of Modern Art,     /Mito,Ibaraki,Japan)
2009 ”SEA LEVEL”  Ⅱ International Independent Art Festival,dedicated to the 20th anniversary of    Art-Center “Pushkinskaya-10″ (Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”/Saint Petersburg/Russia)
2009 ”Cutlog Contemporary Art Fair” (Messe Paris/France, Gallery Pack of Patches)
2009 ”Art Asia Basel”  (Basel,Swiss ),Gallery G77
2009 ”Bridge Art Faire”  ( New York,USA) Gallery G77
2008 ”Paradice”   Eastern Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘ (Hedonism Community, Beijing China)
2007 ”Exhibition Ecology & Humanbeeing, Gail Art Museum,( Gyeonggi Province,Korea)
2007 ”Freedom”  Exhibition of Japanese Artist with Chinese Artist” (Hedonism Community, Beijing    China)
2004 ”Declaration   100Artist for Peace” (National Museum of Contemporary Art,Seoul,Korea)
2003 ”Asia art Now”  (Marronnier Museum,Seoul,Korea)
1994 ”NHK Art Wave ’94”, NHK Nagoya center Building, sponsored by NHK Nagoya.
1990 ”Japan-France Contemporary Art Exhibition”, (Grand Palais Museum, Paris, France)


2007 “The 23th Art Criation Prize”  (Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency,Japan)
2007  “The 14th Annual VSC Asian Artists Fellowships “Alternate  (Freeman Foundation,U.S.A )
2006  “The 15th Annual VSC Asian Artists Fellowships” Alternate ( Freeman Foundation,U.S.A )
2016  Winner ot the Design for the ”Ping Pong Diplomacy Monument” for Aichi Prefectural         Gymnasium.

Public collection
    World Expo Museum Shanghai
    Maruki ART museum
    Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium