Video Installation



◉Tears of the sky 2002

Tears of the sky 2002 Galleria Finarte /Nagoya Japan

Tears of the sky /Art Asia Scope Art Show / Basel Swiss

Drop of the sky Yshiaki Inoue Gallery

Tears of the sky
Russia Museum/ St.Petersburg Russia / Supported by Gallery G77

◉Flower of Heaven 2009h

Disappered Forest

Disappeared forest/Galleria Finarte

Mirror of Kiros

◉Where the world is created 2017 Interactive Video Installation

in Il Rivellino LDV gallery / Locarno Swiss

Where the world is created /Il Rivellino LDV Gallery

◉Shift 2017  Interactive Video Installaiton

“Ultora Kyoto” Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery /Kyoto Japan
Star Gallery/ Beijing China

Shift in Toyota
Shift in Beijing

◉Collapse 2011

Galleria finarte 2012 /Nagoya Japan

“Foreign Affairs Five Artists from Japan” 2013 / Hampden Gallery of University of Massachusetts, Amherst,U.S.A


Memory and Oblivion

Izuru Mizutani Exhibition Magic of communications/AS.Popov Central Museum of Communications 2007 /St.Petersburg,Russia /Supported by Gallery G77

in the Shadow… 2005

“in the Shadow… ” 2005 Galleria Finarte /Nagoya Japan
“Gates and Doors” 2011/ Marble Palace Russian Museum, St.Petersburg,/Supported by Gallery G77

◉Multiverse 2018